game fowl for sale


everest: Am looking for Australorps, RIR and Light Sussex pullets or hens. Please help me out Apr 13, 2015 7:55:23 GMT 8
bec: Hi Has any one got a couple of bantam hens of any variety for my son's birthday today please? I live in Martin near kelmscott, Armadale area May 4, 2015 1:18:41 GMT 8
stevew: Looking for Pekin Ducks or furtile eggs May 12, 2015 20:00:29 GMT 8 *
leonard: Hi all. New to this and want to know which breed is best for meat production and where can I get some. Have kept my babies Isa Browns for years, May 21, 2015 13:45:11 GMT 8
art: Wanted pekin drake to go with my girls 3 just syarted laying May 26, 2015 12:03:05 GMT 8
eggsellent: I am looking to purchase some Dorking chickens, thanks 0419 400 447 Jul 7, 2015 21:19:02 GMT 8 *
scrub: Hi, Looking for some white leghorn eggs - 0457310737 - Cheers heath Jul 23, 2015 14:35:42 GMT 8
paulandjody: Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any Fizzle chickens for sale either laying or on the point of lay? Cheers Jul 26, 2015 14:05:25 GMT 8
jazz: Looking to purchase mandarine duck pair Jul 29, 2015 22:49:35 GMT 8
kakstu: Hi, we have a good looking Rooster free to a good home. Call 0430423254 if you are interested. Aug 4, 2015 22:14:25 GMT 8
shauno71: Hi,im chading some indian game to bye. Aug 8, 2015 21:13:56 GMT 8
sophlou: Hi,I would like to purchase some female ducks for my Dad. He doesnt mind the breed as long as it isn't muscoveys as he has plenty of those. He has a lovely hobby farm down south. They will be free range with access to dams, pasture, and safe from foxes. Aug 24, 2015 10:07:25 GMT 8
lenharris1: Hi, I am looking to buy some day old Isa Brown chicks 0431487758 Oct 12, 2015 21:02:25 GMT 8
chookhaven: Looking for Partridge Wyandotte rooster somewhere in S/W Western Aust. 98443446 ::) Dec 19, 2015 16:49:00 GMT 8
chookhaven: Is there anyone in WA with Amrocks. Looking for fertile eggs or a good trio. Cookhaven - 98443446 Dec 19, 2015 17:18:01 GMT 8
tyrell: I am looking to buy two ancona hens Jan 6, 2016 12:38:00 GMT 8
mkcarol: I'm looking for a female turkey, my male needs a friend. I think he's a Narragansett. He's over 2 years old, so he's big, about 25 lbs. Looking for a female close to his size! Feb 3, 2016 4:14:50 GMT 8
djd: Hi, I'm looking to purchase a few runner ducks this spring. I am in the Spokane area, does anyone know where I might find some> Feb 15, 2016 3:10:55 GMT 8
omsynergist: G'day All! I'm looking to purchase a female Pilgrim gosling and a female Buff duckling this spring to add to our flock. I live in Tacoma, WA but am willing to travel (reasonably) in the greater Puget Sound area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TY Mar 2, 2016 3:02:18 GMT 8
surprisechicks: Looking From White and Ginger Silkie Hens around 16 weeks old? Apr 28, 2016 9:53:04 GMT 8